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Different things I want to say to different people.

- I want to know if/why you still hate me

- You make me so happy..yet so sad. Idk how I became some comfortable with you..but I wish you cared a little more because it’s not fair.

- I never did anything to you.

- You’ve been a really good friend to me lately, but I’m still not entirely comfortable with you.

I’ll add a little more later.

Weed is good.

that is all.

This song always makes me happy :)

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I just wanna get stoned, dance, and listen to good music tonight

Whatever happened to being just friends with someone of the opposite sex :/

It seems so be almost impossible lately. 

I miss always having someone to talk to. That one person who I know would always talk to me right when I needed them. I had my best friend, and my ex. They were good company, and they were good friends to me. I felt so comfortable. So completely comfortable. I never felt like they judged me for anything. Even if they didn’t actually listen to what I said, they were still there in some way. I could go to their house at any time, and we’d just sit and do nothing..we’d just be alone together. I guess that’s why I feel so alone right now..because I don’t have anyone like that anymore. Not a single person. 

I just want to be happy being on my own. 

This is how i feel right now..and everyday 

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This is how i feel right now..and everyday 

(Source: r--e--v--o--l--v--e--r, via fashionikon)


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